30 Day Video Challenge!

  • Get the email/video series guiding you through the challenge with tips, tricks, and ideas for your videos.
  • Sign up by March 1st so that you can sync your challenge with others
  • By the end of the video challenge you will have several videos to use on your website about you and what you create!
  • Join the Facebook group to get feedback and ideas from others going through the challenge
  • By the end have a framework to continue making videos on a regular basis
  • Take advantage of the huge rise in people using video to understand and purchase what you create.








Video is pretty cool, it sparks emotion, provides an easy connect to an audience, and when it’s good is¬†captivating. You know all that but there is a fear that keeps you from doing your own, right? Or maybe you do yours but it takes way too long and you have other things to worry about.

The best way out of your comfort zone is with a challenge. If video challenges you then this 30 day video challenge will get you past that so that you have a reliable system for creating video on a regular basis.

Video is on the rise and projected to be THE way to reach people. Artists have a unique advantage because what they create usually works well visually. However there is a disadvantage also in that most aren’t really into creating their own videos. They are usually introverted and less likely to want to come forth to a large audience however get them at a Saturday Market with just a couple of people and most of us will open up.

What if I told you that even if you are literally shaking and sick to your stomach with video there are techniques to bridge the gap between chatting with a few people at the market and being on camera?

This video challenge is for those of you who may want to take your business to the next level by working with video. Even if you are a writer video offers a much faster way to get who you are and what you do across.

That’s because it’s much faster to talk, people can see you and they connect more easily when you share your story on camera.

What is the 30 day video challenge and what happens when you join?

The 30 day video challenge is free to join! It’s a video challenge over 30 days designed to get you comfortable filming on camera and editing basic video. The idea is at the end of 30 days you will have a go-to process allowing you to comfortably create videos. From there it’s just a matter of doing more and more to get better and better.

By joining you will enter into an email series that walks you through the challenge. The series provides guidelines, tips, tricks, examples and more to help get you through the challenge.

Along with the video email series there is the Creative Habits Podcast Facebook group. Join and share your creations, get feedback, and keep on going.

How much time do I have to commit?

You should be willing to commit about 1-2 hours a day on average. As you get better you may need to commit less time.

What kind of support do I get?

Besides the Facebook group the email series will provide ongoing tips, tricks, ideas and more.

What do I need to get started?

You need the following: a smartphone or camera that takes video, a tripod, an external microphone for the camera (you can get one here in the $20 range on Amazon that works with both smartphones and cameras that take video), and video editing software (both a PC and Mac come with software you can use).

A special note about video editing: the basics are all you need and should take little time to learn. You will just need to know how to import video you made, cut it, move it around, add music (optional), transitions, and export. Most of you will be able to learn all of this in about an hour with your video editing software. Also I highly recommend using Camptasia for PC and ScreenFlow for Mac.

The core of this challenge is about playing and getting comfortable with a video process. This process will allow you to go onto create videos to use on your website or within social media.

I hope you join and enjoy the challenge!