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Sharon Jackson is a writer and owns the website path42 where she helps others recognize that, “life is not a narrow path but a sprawling landscape waiting to be discovered.” That discovery is a process and there is help along the way. Help is what Sharon Jackson provides through free courses that help you be successful and more found here.

Why Path42?

Path42 refers to Douglas Adams and the answer of 42 in the question about life universe and everything, Sharon updated the reference to roads walked down to paths as it connected more to what her message is about. The message of help along your own path as it diverges in many different sprawling directions, like a landscape of opportunity. No one is alone in their depression as there are many others going through similar experiences. By recognizing that connection to other people some of the burden can be lifted.

Sharon Jackson as a Writer

Sharon Jackson has written two books on helping businesses and a third, her most recent Be the Heroine where she has found her voice. It’s in this book where she shares her own story while providing ideas to, “find your inner dragon and be your own heroine in your own space.” Giving permission to be your own heroine makes transitions in life easier.

On Transitions

Sharon recently made the transition having kids in the house to having them grow up and move on while at the same time she separated from her husband. She uses journaling to get through the process consciously. Instead of free flow writing, she writes down her gratitudes, thinking and writing on positives, then the same with affirmations and what she wants her life to be or look like.

She then goes through older entries to see the overall path, patterns, and ideas that come forth over time. Both writing and reviewing is a process that has helped her transition consciously (it’s also a core principle within the Creative Matrix).

On Being an Introvert

Being an introvert doesn’t equate to shyness, it’s about energy and how you work with that energy. It’s about recognizing the need to escape for instance after networking to recharge. Knowing that you may have that need makes it easier to take a moment and recharge outside and away from people rather than beating yourself up for not being “social” or extending yourself too far so you feel frazzled from social interactions.

“People say to me, you are not an introvert because I am bright, I am bubbly and I am like yeah I am because by the time I have finished an hours networking I want to go home and just sit quietly for half an hour just to recharge. That understanding that it’s not shyness it’s all about energy, that has made a big difference to the way I react and how others react to me”

Sharon also put out there that it’s important to recognize that it takes a community to raise a business, we should all try to push each other up and progress rather than always competing with each other. To that end, check out Sharon Jackson’s Facebook Group Coffee & Cake Club.