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Tania Dakka

Tania Dakka runs Badass’D Biz + Ink at She took a few moments to talk over some of her creative habits. Below are highlights, links, and full episode.

Getting in the Groove to Create

Four in the morning rolls around as a magic hour when Tania turns on some Mudvayne and writes. It is a time when she finds focus without family distractions and kids. The lyrics and beat of the music gets the brain going although for more power writing she goes “with creative zen or brain entrainment for the heavy hitting stuff.” Her writing contains a bit of character and to get there she follows other passions such as her motorcycle, a Harley. The Harley Davidson is a recent habit getting her out into a different space. As she puts it,

It’s being in control. There is no one you have to answer to except the road and that’s it. It is you and the bike and the wind and of course the physical forces that are at play on your body while you are riding but it’s like I am transported to a different time and a different space and everything sort of leaves your brain. It has to because you could end up eating cement if it doesn’t. It’s a transformative process, it’s all encompassing as it just takes all of you when you ride.”

The bike (see image at the bottom) puts her in a different zone freeing her mind, keeping her writing sharp and lively. Now that she has put the bike away for winter she may do dance to replace until springtime with anything that gets the mind to focus completely on something else besides work, family, and everything else.

Take-Away: As others from past podcasts have noted, there is a best-time to write or create. Experiment, find that time, carve out what you need. Having an outlet where there is total focus and freedom from everything else recharges creative flow. Taking that time for yourself is necessary to keeping your mind actively focused and creating with that special juice.

Constantly Learning and Engaging with Others

Tania is constantly learning and engaging with others. One of her sources of inspiration comes from interactions with Chris Brogan and his Brave Group. Chris Brogan, Pat Flynn and other bloggers are an inspiration as they openly pursue their online business ventures.

Tania stays motivated to produce for clients and herself from a byproduct of her environment which she helps to create. It is made up of inspirational books and blogs alongside a community of similar minded people sharing ideas with each other. She does stuff like her Facebook Friday Night Garage Party where she introduces fun people and music together creating connections that might not otherwise happen. In short she manifests and is a part of a creative environment that keeps her inspired while pushing her boundaries at the same time.

Take-Away: Look to ways of manifesting a creative environment via books, blogs, and a tribe of like-minded people that support, guide, and push all at the same time.

Quotes About Keeping Creativity Alive

Although you will want to listen to the whole show to get the most of it, here are some quotes from Tania Dakka worth remembering:

“If you don’t think big, you aren’t going to make it because people who trade time for a dime there are millions of…it’s time to get past that small mind frame and to work towards a bigger goal.”

“Creativity is a growth process”

“Creativity is a great outlet for the expression of self actualization”

“Biggest thing people need is a belief in themselves. Whether it is in art or writing or whatever their creative outlet is not to just look outward for their inspiration, for their motivation but to look inward and to believe in that voice that’s within them”

“Process comes from internalizing some of the feedback but not taking it to be the end all be all of validation…There has to be some guidance about where you are headed. Once you have that little bit of guidance, let it go, let the rest of it go and then just continue on with your own gut, with your own intuition.”

Note: Here is a link to the recorded session Tania mentioned where Jon Mehlman of Hubspot and others got together to talk about how to target your ideal client and more.