Creative Ventures Give Life Meaning and Purpose

Combine creative ventures with habits and you let yourself go while still remaining focused on writing a book, painting, and so on. The challenges, experiments, and habits found here are for playing with creative possibilities while getting real world results.
It’s your art that helps pollinate the collective consciousness and it’s from the collective consciousness we all fuel our dreams.

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Experiments, challenges, and habits. Habits keep you connecting to creating on a regular basis. Experiments allow you to dive into the unknown while challenges push the boundaries of what you already do. You need all three to fully engage your creative potential and beyond.
Creative Habits Podcast delves into all three from a dig down and do it perspective.
Perfection kills so leave that behind, instead always be updating. Create and update, play with ideas and make them your own.
If you like to learn by actually doing, letting go of always knowing the outcome, you are in the right place.
We learn from each other regardless on if you have 1 follower or 1,000,000,000.
This is the Creative Habits Podcast here with experiments, challenges, and habits to inspire you to create on a regular basis…It all starts with the 5-7 day challenges…


5-7 Day Challenges

Did you know that over 90% of people taking even some of the best online courses don’t finish or have success? People are busy, life gets in the way or there is just general overwhelm.

Each of the Creative Habits Podcast challenges are designed for uber focus over a short period of time towards a specific result. This means there is a lot less overwhelm from taking an actual course with tons of content while you get more results from doing specific activities.

The challenges are designed to establish a tribe and a system for co-creating with that tribe on an ongoing basis. Co-creating gives the creative entrepreneur a chance to update their level of mastery while staying relevant to a dedicated audience over time. If you are scratching your head over the co-creative process and developing a tribe around that, check out this post for more and then jump into the origin story challenge…

Perfection. It’s one of the biggest killers of a creative entrepreneurs ability to get started and maintain momentum. There really is no cure however there are ways to move forward and trust the universe to be more creative than you. Think of hindsight 20/20…

In hindsight everything looks to be all planned out. The chance encounters, the lucky breaks, the way events unfold. Yet in the moment there are all kinds of emotions that surface in the struggle to control outcomes. What if instead you had some planning while accepting the “creative forces” that tend to nudge us along to other directions?

The ability to just playfully adapt to ongoing changes is an ideal that may never come however each time there is a choice made in that direction it reinforces the habit…over time it may even become a natural part of how you do things!

Check out the Facebook page or YouTube for different exercises for moving beyond the grips of perfection and more!

Ongoing Posts on Creative Habits

These are the most recent of ongoing podcast episodes and blog posts with different perspectives on creative habits from around the globe…
Smooth Product Video Shots without a Slider

Smooth Product Video Shots without a Slider

This is the first video in a short series looking at creating short action sequences using the Canon M50... This one starts with one of the top video creators of all time (Peter McKinnon) recommending motion in videos. This is of course always the case with products...


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“Deep Dive into the Origins”

“This is a deep dive into the origins and consequences of creativity. I have only perused a handful of episodes but definitely ready for more”

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“Keep Up the Great Work!”

“Even though the podcast is focused on creative habits, it’s just as applicable to entrepreneurs like me. Keep up the great work Wyatt!”

Mani Vaya from 2000Books

“Fun and Creative Romp!”

“Wyatt has infused his own creativity into this wonderful podcast on…well…creativity. As an artist myself, I obsolutely LOVE this show! It gets my creative juices flowing and infuses me with ideas for other projects as well. Thanks Wyatt!”

Michael Neeley

“Great Podcast!”

“My girlfriend is an artist and has always wanted to sell her art but has never had the push she needed to do so. She loves this podcast and it inspires her to create more”