Let’s face it any time you see an online course that’s any good and could help you with your goals or targets – plus has multiple bonus items or features – there is a natural pull towards it even if you already have online courses yet unfinished.

There is a term for this…it’s called learning procrastination and it’s a really easy trap to fall into…after all when you are learning you feel good because it’s pulling you towards your goals.

Yet what too often happens is the online course although exciting at first, is just added to the list of unfinished courses.

Although this is hard to admit to and a lot of time and money gets wasted in the process…there are three strategies that will not only help you with learning procrastination but will also get you to finish existing online courses sooner.

Check it out and then let me know what strategies you use to overcome your online learning addiction in hopes of helping others in an ongoing battle…

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