5 Day Creative Challenges

Short Actionable Content Over 5 Days Towards a Specific Outcome

Stop Procrastinating with Online Courses…

Nothing against online courses however even the best ones end with 90% not getting any results. To be clear, a lot of this is human nature with many filling a void with how-to information that acts a lot like procrastination. These short challenges are designed with action in mind towards a specific outcome. You aren’t taking a course, you are challenging yourself towards an outcome and that difference alone is enough to tip the balance from just learning to doing…

Perfection Kills Creativity

Even though there is no such thing as perfection most of us have an ideal in our minds we want to match. When real world outcomes don’t match this ideal, we feel imperfect when in fact the result may actually thrill an audience. These short challenges are designed to leave perfection behind and focus on allowing the outcomes drive what comes next.

Step Into Your Weirdness

There are certain quirks to personality that come out and over time become a personal voice. Much of this is developed from stepping into your weirdness and allowing your story shine through…you don’t need to fit in, you just need to find your voice and then connect with others who share a similar sort of weirdness. There are short challenges designed to develop your story, find that voice and begin that connection…

The Skills

There are always new skills to learn so that you get to the next level of mastery to any craft. As a creative entrepreneur getting to that next level will probably involve different skills than those that got you to where you are now. Challenging yourself at all times keeps you sharp and alive to new possibilities.

The Origin Story Challenge

Origin stories are often told in webinars as a way to connect with an audience. There is a formula for this identified and used within blockbuster movies and popularly known as the Hero’s Journey. Yet it’s hard to connect with being a hero especially if you are in the midst of a journey and ongoing struggles…yet there are epiphanies along the way that got you to make certain choices to where you are now. Developing story from those epiphanies out not only helps you connect to the right tribe but also makes it easier to see a greater vision to where want to go…That’s what this 5 day Origin Story Challenge is all about…finding and developing your epiphanies so that you can then…

Email Welcome Series Challenge

Statically the welcome email has some of the best open rates. When people initially sign up for something they are ready to get started by getting the download or whatever else. So of course that first welcome email has crazy open rates that are hard to match unless…you welcome them with a series of emails designed to help them, create curiosity, and train them to open future emails from you. That’s what the 5 day Email Welcome Series Challenge is all about. Not only do you get email templates but you also get…

Why You Should Trick Yourself Into a Challenge

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Stop Perfection

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Take Action

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Create Space to Fail

Early on in school you learn to take tests and those determine your outcome. Failing is not really part of learning, it’s an indicator of your ability. By taking challenges you bypass all that and allow failing to be part of the process of figuring things out. You challenge yourself, see what you can do and then challenge yourself again tweaking towards an outcome you want…