Before going into the 5 reasons an email autoresponder series is better than a PDF let’s cover what you should already know.

You already know that creating a list is essential for creating anything online, right?

You also already know the most popular item to create and give away for free is a PDF. Your audience gets something valuable for free and you get a subscriber so everyone wins, right?

Except it’s probably the worst thing you could do for both you and your subscriber.

See PDF downloads gather dust faster than most realize. If they are ever downloaded at all they just don’t get read. Many aren’t even reading the ebooks they purchased! So why would they read your PDF?

Which means they don’t get the benefit of your information and you have less of an initial impact on your subscriber.

In case you hadn’t guessed, the solution is to have an email autoresponder series.

Here is the video if you want to watch instead of read:

5 Reasons to Have an Email Autoresponder Series

Trains Your Audience

Stats show that the welcome email has a huge average open rate. In fact, according to Constant Contact “The average open rate for a welcome email is between 50-60 percent.”

People are excited to get that initial email but what happens after that?

If you already have email newsletter then the next issue you send may or may not contain something a new subscriber can use right away. When it’s something useful from your email series then your initial subscribers are more likely to open it.

Especially when you craft the end of your messages talking about what’s coming next. You are effectively training your audience to expect something good.

After opening 3-5 of these value laden emails they are much more likely to open more emails from you.

You have effectively conditioned them to expect something good from your emails.

Of course you need to deliver on that promise however having an email autoresponder series increases the chance of your email being opened 3-5 times over just having a PDF download. That’s pretty cool but it get’s even better!

Your Information is More Likely to be Read

A PDF is great however attention spans are short and people are easily distracted. By having an email series you have eliminated this problem by paring down the information into smaller chunks that can be read in one sitting.

This means what you provide for your audience is more likely to be read. As a result of reading your information your subscribers are more likely to take action and get value from what you provide.

This means your authority increases making it easier for you to bridge over to something you offer in the future.

Provides More Initial Touch Points

Stats show that it takes anywhere from 7-11 touch points before someone takes action on what they are exposed to. This is why it’s so hard to get a response from those that first see what you offer.

An email autoresponder series automatically gives you 3-5 touch points.

This means by having an email series your initial subscribers have already “seen” you 3-5 times more than if they just had a PDF download. This means you are statistically that much closer to bridging the gap and taking action on the next step in their evolution as a fan.

Potentially More Interactive

When you send an email there is a chance for more interaction. In fact, you can segment an initial subscriber based on what they click in their emails. This means you are providing them exactly the type of content they want based on their actions.

That’s pretty cool because now you can send them more specific information based on what they like. This in turn results in their being happier with what they get and more likely to open your emails and purchase later on.

This is of course much harder to do with a PDF download but you already knew that, right?

Better Analytics

Better analytics means better decisions made about your content.

Knowing what people open and click on means you get a chance to update subject lines and calls to action. Analytics gives you a chance to be more effective with your content.

What’s really cool? These are very simple and easy to understand analytics. You don’t have to create custom dashboards and charts to understand the information.

Ok all that is cool so what? Let’s say you already have a PDF created that’s much easier to use than crafting a whole email series.

Actually you can just take your existing PDF and chop it up into parts. Then a few easy intros and endings and you are done.

Plus, wouldn’t you rather have a more engaged subscriber base?