The Host

Hey there, glad you are checking out Creative Habits Podcast! My name is Wyatt Christman the host of the show. I sell pottery and other items on Amazon, you can check out my listings for WJC Pottery here.

I used to do Internet Marketing and more specifically help others with search engine optimization. I have worked with lawyers, doctors, real estate agents, online education, non-profits, and even other Internet Marketers.

To be really effective when helping others with marketing or SEO, I had to get under their skin and the skin of those they serve. It was interesting getting a close look into other worlds and understanding the different audiences and their motivations. Interesting though those windows were I kept wondering about my ideal audience.

I also began to listen again to the art in my heart that wouldn’t be ignored.

After some thoughtful moments, I switched gears to do pottery, be on Amazon and start a podcast. I still enjoy marketing but now I am more closely aligned with the audiences I reach and I try to give before I ask. In the end, I have recognized that marketing is just a tool that is only as good or bad as the person, group, or corporation using it. The dark side of anything is always there, it’s a choice to use it or not.

Now my ongoing push is to help other artist’s get online and sell what they create. Every artist that can ship their stuff effectively should be online. It does take ongoing persistence however being online expands an audience size exponentially. At no other time in history has anyone been able to reach people around the world with relative ease. By relative I mean to other times in overall history.

There is still a lot of work outside of sitting down to create that needs to get done. Like cleaning the studio, doing taxes, organizing. You clean and organize right? It’s essential. So is marketing.

When you talk to the person that comes to your booth at the Saturday market guess what, you are practicing marketing. Being online just brings your voice and art to a lot more people.

Of course it’s all a huge experiment really. Sometimes things work, sometimes they don’t. The best thing is to sit down, figure out possible tweaks to make things better, do them, and keep on going.

It’s all part of the plan, right?

Of course the end of that plan could come at anytime. Knowing that I try to believe in what I am doing and never stop creating so I can die empty and at peace.

About the Podcast

The creative habits podcast where I ask various artists about their creative habits. The underlying theme is to uncover those structures or elements that most hang their creative habits around.

Many believe that creativity comes from an ah-ha moment, a flash of insight or creative talent placed upon those who are fortunate enough or who have special genes. These moments are then how great art is made. The opposite to this says that instead there are creative habits or elements everyone can practice to be creative.

So is it the ah-ha moment or is it the habit? The podcast explores this with ongoing guests.

There are pages with highlights of each podcast providing practical take-aways to help boost your own creative habits. The idea is one of exploration where each person shares what they do. Take from there what you think might work, test it out and use it. In the end it is about taking creative ideas and making them work for you by infusing your own quirks of genius.

What makes this different than other sites or podcasts on creativity?

We look at bridging the gap between art and marketing and we talk to people at many different levels, not just those who have made it. There are tools both onsite and offsite that have been tested and work to tame technology for those who might have a slight phobia to those who want to leverage their time.

All Different Levels

There are some very inspirational websites and podcasts on creativity. The thing is it seems like the people who they talk to have all made it big. There is great value in that yet it’s hard to identify entirely with what they are doing right now.

A lot might have happened since they “made it.” Could what they did really work now? Or they may seem to have a natural talent to juggling art and connecting online.

What about those in the trenches right now? There are people doing amazing things that haven’t gotten the same exposure but who feel complete.

The great thing about the Internet and being online is there doesn’t need to be a huge splash to “make it.” In fact, it has been shown over and over again where just having 1,000 true fans can be enough to sustain most artists. There are ways of getting there and we talk to many people at the beginning and middle stages not just those “at the top.”

Taking the smaller steps and knowing it’s all possible is half the battle. The other half is recognizing how art and connecting online to your “fans” can actually fuel your creativity.

Bridging the Gap Between Art and Marketing

Alongside the interviews we look at bridging the gap between art and marketing. Specifically how it relates to having a website and selling art online.

The key to making this bridge work for the artists mind is integrating your website as a part of your creative process.

Let me explain.

Normally a website is just a place to hold words, images, and ideas for others to view. More recently a website has become a place for interaction and feedback.

The right tools and mindset mean the people who enjoy your art or creative venture can be co-creators of the process. Their ideas spark with your own making for elements that wouldn’t come to be any other way.

The website becomes a part of your creative process and something you want.

This is quite opposite the typical thought of a website that strains and drains your creative juices and time. The last thing you want is to deal with selling and adding another distraction pulling you away from your creative process. So we explore how that works and things you can do to co-create with your audience.

Join In

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