Would you use Arsenal Camera Assistant for product photography?

Well first off I should have tried for more Peter McKinnon style of product photography with themes, textures and props…this video covers more basic shots to take a number of decent photos in a short amount of time and enhance them with Canva for social media, landing pages, etc.

This is just a straight up, take the product and get a decent clear shot…This is great for beginners or people who are busy because you can get a decent shot with minimal effort and then enhance for social within Canva.

Arsenal Camera Assistant can also teach you how to take good shots if you mimic what it does…The example I use in the video is very basic however it will give you a good idea of what’s in the app and how you could leverage your time creating a number of product photos for social media. I suspect that’s not what Arsenal was made for however it is a benefit when you have one.

Should you get an Arsenal Camera Assistant? Maybe, it does have some cool features I am experimenting with and will show later however I am banking on updates which enhance it even further and possibly speed up processing times…The promise is there however for the cost it needs a little more to make it worthwhile…of course I have only used it a very short period of time so that opinion may change.

I also show how to avoid “missing” pictures when using Arsenal Camera Assistant…

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