Canon M50 Video Test: EOS M50 Vs iPhone 6s with Smove Gimbal

For me it was James Wedmore who said, you don’t need anything else, just use your iPhone! It may have been someone else for you but regardless it’s now all the rage, just use your iPhone…well what if you don’t have the latest iPhone? What if you just have something really old like the iPhone 6s – cough, cough, I mean just imagine…

So I thought it would be fun to do a video test of the Canon EOS M50 vs the iPhone with particular attention on movement to check the focus speed, stabilization, and overall look and feel.

I do a walk and talk test (aka Canon M50 Vlog Test) on uneven ground, a product up to the lens and back again test with a usb lighter, and a handheld product closeup zoom in on some WJC Pottery gourds and shaving bowl (which you can get here by the way: 🙂

Keep in mind I didn’t do anything to the settings, it’s all default with the kit lens on the Canon M50…so you get to see the Canon M50 in low light without altering settings (because let’s face it you are going to want to or add some light in many situations but that can be a hassle so…how good is the Canon M50 in natural low light?)

Note: I used a Smove Gimbal which is good but expensive considering the other less expensive options available…I put the Canon M50 on a monopod that is actually pretty cool for the Canon M50 on a desk or moving the ball head and having it as a selfie stick…

here is the non-affiliate link because alas the state I live in is in the dark ages and doesn’t allow Amazon associate affiliate membership (very strange in this day and age)… …be sure to get the “feet” for this also, both are great quality:…

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