This Canon M50 video test is the kit lens vs a 24 mm lens with a Viltrox adapter. During the video test I share 5 habits to help get the most out of an M50 or any new camera.

I recorded part using Ecamm Live with a Yeti mic and another part recording direct to the camera with a shotgun mic…so essentially you get to hear the sound difference as well. The Sony a6000 is used for part of the footage.

The habits I mention are some I have found to be helpful to getting used to a new camera and building up the ability to film off the cuff rather than staying strictly to a video script.

Let me know what you thought of the difference, the habits, and if you have any favorite habits you use to get the most out of a camera and learning to shoot video.

The biggest take-away of course is not being afraid to have sucky footage. It’s hard to start because there are so many amazing videos out there. Yet making incremental improvements combined with the compound effect over time results in better skills overall.

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