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Christian Marie HerronChristian Marie Herron is a strategic story teller and business coach. She engages in a process built on direct understanding and intuition to reveal stories that uncover the essential core to a person and their business. This opens them up to the strength of what they have. These authentic stories create a strong connection to each audience and propel her clients drive forward in life and business. The complete show has core lessons from a master strategic story teller. Show notes and some take-aways are below, be sure to listen to the whole show to reveal full ideas.

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Introverted Professionals

Christian is a proud introvert. Through her work with other introverted professionals she has developed a way to uncover the part of themselves they tended to undervalue. Through revealing this aspect she is also able to make it comfortable to position this in an authentic way for themselves and their business.

I am a proud introvert and I originally started out just trying to help introverted professionals…what kept coming up time and time again was this piece of undervaluing themselves and not knowing how to position their expertise in a way in a way that felt really comfortable for them”

A lot of people suffer from the impostor syndrome where they feel like if something comes easily to them…then there is this sensation of downplaying what it is that comes naturally to them. So I help them reframe that to, this is very unique, this is something that is beautiful and unique to you and heres how you should be highlighting it. Here is how it all fits together with who you are and what you do”

Take-Away: what aspects of yourself do you tend to under value because it comes so easily for you? By working through this you could get through your own impostor syndrome. When you help others through your expertise you reveal what you do well. Work towards making that shine with confidence. Pay attention to when you might be using the impostor syndrome as a shield or choose that as an avoidance mechanism to avoid getting knocked down.

Collaborative Process

The work that Christian does is very collaborative, a process of assignments with deep questions. Her coaching sessions go even deeper.

The work I do is very collaborative. It’s not me talking to them and then superimposing what I think their story is…very often I can hear what is being said underneath the dialogue without them even realizing it. I will always check for confirmation…when you are in your story it is very hard to tell it”

The stories I create for people are very customized. I don’t use a template approach. I do have sort of the same basic questions that I ask initially…usually during our session unique questions come about that I have them answer so it makes certain that their stories are customized for them”

Take-Away: when you are in your story it is hard to see outside to reveal questions you could be asking. Check out Christian’s website to take a step to reveal the power behind your own dialogue.

Playing with Puzzles Full Stop

An interesting creative habit Christian incorporates is the use of jigsaw puzzles. These help stretch her intuition on finding where things go similar to the work she does with her clients. There are pieces of their puzzle she gets through working with them. She reveals where they go and how they fit together to produce an authentic story.

I assemble a lot of jigsaw puzzles. It’s very aligned with the work I do because it helps strengthen that muscle, that intuition muscle of figuring out where things go and how they fit together.”

Interestingly Christian tends to go “full stop” with her client puzzles. She finds her creativity is revealed easily while being close to the source, her client. The more distance between the time with her client and working to reveal their story, the harder it is to use the “creative spark” to uncover it.

When I am working on a project for a client I have to go full stop. I am not the type of person that can work on it in pieces over a period of days or weeks, I have to do it all at once, that’s just my process…when the muse is with me and I am writing and assembling I can’t leave it, I have to stay with it until I am finished”

I don’t start working immediately I need to feel like I have that motivational spark to understand that thread I want to pick up with the story and again it is different for each person so once I feel I have that thread to pick up then I can start the writing process”

Take-Away: when doing a project try sitting down soon after getting inspiration from a core experience to finish it. This way you are in the thick of “creative spark” and have the motivation to see it through. Also try playing with puzzles as a way to stretch your ability to visualize how things might go together. Be sure to listen to the show as Christian reveals her “download process” allowing her to stay effective when working with client stories.

Reframing Process

Christian also works on a reframing process providing suggestions on revealing character usually through images.

In addition to the story writing I also give suggestions if they are an entrepreneur about what I think they should include that would help give more personality, more insight to who they are and more often than not it involves pictures. A lot of people are afraid to include pictures of themselves…it goes back to what we have been previously taught about brand, personal branding. Which, I just don’t like the word because it is so one dimensional and the story actually puts flesh on the bone of who a person is, it creates a living, breathing tangible example of who someone is and what they do”

Christian had her own epiphany early on allowing her to reframe what she was doing. While working in the corporate world she, “realized bigger role was right but the forum was wrong.” She listened to that inner voice and moved on to do her own thing to fill the larger role connected to who she is at a deeper level.

Take-Away: look to how you could reframe who you are and what you are doing. This is especially true if you feel connected to work but still out of place. It could be the setting. You could look to options allowing you to do the same work but in a different setting.

Other Interesting Quotes

Reads a lot of non-fiction and fiction. “I could be inspired by something I came across this morning or something I read ten years ago”

On the dynamic between being freely creative and organized at the same time.

I am a very creative person but I am very organized to which lends itself well to the story telling. I like to have all of my files organized, I have an intake sheet that I use which almost seems counter to the creative process but it really helps me keep things carpartmentalized in a way that keeps me on track, keeps me focused. Most creative people need that ability to focus otherwise you have a tendency to be scattered all over the place”

Be sure to listen to the whole show and share with others who may benefit!