How to Create a Watermark with Pixlr (Free Image Editor)

Creating a watermark is a relatively quick process and can be done for free using Pixlr editor. There are lots of possibilities with watermarks. This quick setup is about creating a transparent image overlay to use with an online photo to discourage copying without permission. If someone does copy the image the watermark in this sample will not only not look professional, it has a website to show where the original came from resulting in “free advertising.”

By the end, you will be able to create a watermark even if you have never used Pixlr before. Pixlr is great for editing photos or even for just a quick cropping or resizing. If you want a cool free image to play with go to MorgueFile (see note at bottom of this page for usage rights). Here is the image we are starting with.

How to Create a Basic Watermark with Pixlr

Note: if you mess up anywhere in the process you can click Edit, undo and it will undo the last thing you did. Alternatively you can reload the browser to completely start over.

Go to Pixlr editor. Choose Open Image From Computer, find and open the image you want place a watermark.

The image we are using is 4000 by 2667 pixels which is rather large considering the final image will be displayed on a webpage. I am going to quickly reduce the image size before we start by clicking on Image and then Image size:

A box will pop up. Click in the width section, delete the numbers and then type in the amount you want. For this I made it 600 by 400 pixels. Click ok.

Your image may appear very small now. If it does click on the Zoom tool, then when you click on the image it will enlarge your view.

Now click on the text icon. Nothing will happen until you click on the photo. When you do a box will pop up where you can enter your text, choose the font, size, and color. Click on the arrow next to size or font to bring up your choices. For color just click on little box below Color and you will get sliders to choose a color. Play with the color sliders to get an idea of what sorts of choices you can have, it’s quite a wide array.

Once you have your text the way you want it (you can always go back to edit later by clicking on the text icon and then the text in the photo), you can move it into place by clicking on the move tool, then clicking on the text in the photo, holding the mouse button down and dragging it around.

Ok, now here is how to make the text transparent. Click on the text layer in the layers box (see image below), then click on Toggle Layer Settings. This will show a box with a slider for opacity. The opacity is how “strongly” the text layer shows over the image. Use the slider or just type in a value less than 100, try 50 to start and go from there.

I made the example at 40 and here is how that looks:

You are done! All you do now is save the image. Go to File, then Save, click ok, choose where you want to save and click save! The image used is very basic, you could make the URL look better with different colors or fonts.

Note on Morgue File usage. According to their site, “You are allowed to copy, distribute, transmit the work and to adapt the work. Attribution is not required. You are prohibited from using this work in a stand alone manner.”