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The Creative Matrix

The creative matrix uses three critical and well-known tools to keep ideas alive.

Most of the time ideas come and go. Sometimes they seem great in the moment, other times they don’t.MatrixBox

An idea gets written down and thrown into a pile of other great ideas. It might resurface and then be used. More likely it gets lost in the shuffle and thrown into the pile of other ideas to use some day. Yet that some day never really comes around.

What if you could have an idea and know it would resurface at just the right time? How would you like to know your good ideas won’t die from neglect?

Now you can with the Creative Matrix.

The Creative Matrix is made up of three critical tools the famous and not so famous have used throughout time to ensure good ideas don’t go to waste. These critical tools have been lost in a sea of apps and shiny promises from the next technological wonder thing.

Yet simple and effective tools are always useful no matter the next shiny object.

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