Darieth Chisolm is a former NBC News Anchor, entrepreneur, author, speaker and business coach. She has an online video podcast show which is called Hustle & Heart TV full of some amazing interviews. Although there are no new episodes of Hustle and Heart TV, as you will hear on the podcast Darieth may start a audio only podcast in the very near future. Darieth has a new book out called Hustle helping those who read it get unstuck, bust through fears and unleash their passion on the world. She is also offering a free clarity session here to help anyone increase their influence, income, and visibility. Below are some quotes from the podcast episode, listen to the full episode to get the full inspirational impact from Darieth. Special note: quotes pulled were written out in the same form they were spoken.

Hustle and Heart as Two Sides of the Same Coin

“If we keep the side of the coin where the hustle is always exposed and the heart is down on the table then we will in fact loose sight of it. Every once in awhile we need to flip the coin and ask ourselves why. Why does this matter? Why is this important to me? Why do I care to work so hard at something? How? How is this impacting others? Is what I am doing really meaningful?”

On Getting Her Book Written

“I would offer that as advice to anyone who is in the process of writing a book. That is if you find yourself stuck and you are looking at the keyboard or at the screen and you are like ug, I just can’t get it out, to talk it out, to grab a recorder, it doesn’t even have to be fancy. I got a dragon and I never even used it because it was like, just turn the recorder on the phone, just make it simple and just start talking it out. Then give yourself the time to go back, and a lot of it may be rambling but I am sure there are pieces in there you can pull out. Then type that onto a page and start from there”


On Showing Heart Through Your Art

“You tell your story. You tell people why it is that your art is your heart. I think people get that. You could be talking about the most complicated art if you will or idea that you are extremely passionate about and in some way your story about why it’s important or how it’s going to help people or what it’s service is, people will identify with, particularly if you are in your right audience”

Moving Beyond Perfection

“I don’t care what it is you are doing. Just know that it doesn’t have to be perfect for you to get it out there and share it. You can move towards perfection along the way but if you are waiting for it to be perfect, it will never happen. This thought of perfection really creates this paralyzation and we have got to get past that. So done is better than perfect.”

“It’s ok that it’s a bit awkward and clunky on your way to creating what it is that you are doing. Just let it be awkward before it’s elegant. It will get there over time. Time is an amazing asset. The more we respect it and allow things to grow and morph, and expand, and give it time to do that, we will find perfection along the way and elegance will mature out of it.”