Dawn Casey-Rowe talks about how she juggles and combines ideas from being an author, teacher and parent.

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Writing Limits

“If you have unlimited space you can just keep writing but when you have gotta write something to a second-grade level, to the space of a tweet, you have a page limit involved, it’s actually a lot harder.”

On the Importance of Allocating Time

“I lot of people give me the if I had your time speech and that’s something I take very personally because we all have the same twenty-four hours in a day and it’s all in how we choose to allocate and what we prioritize that becomes in effect who we are. If you need to write you are going to write, if you are an athlete you are going to find that time that you need to work out so whatever the thing is you allocate that time.”

“For me four AM has always been the time. Even growing up when I would write it was in the morning, I have always been an early riser so now I kick it a little bit earlier so maybe four or four thirty I am up with my coffee I am writing by the wood stove and I get a good two solid hours to write until I have to get ready and leave for school. That’s my uninterrupted time and I know I am going to do that everyday, every weekday, every weekend, every holiday, that’s my time and it’s not like oh it’s four o’clock and I have to write, it’s I get to write. That’s a big deal so for me the consistency, the blocking out the time ahead of time, and then just doing it everyday”

On Having and Using Ideas

“If you have ten ideas a day and you make that a practice you are going to have ideas. Well, I have been cursed with I have got a lot of ideas and I need time to process them. For me I do it backwards, if I am walking or if I am running, or driving I will dictate what I am thinking into the phone and I will deal with it at four thirty in the morning. That way I feel peaceful that I jotted in my notebook or I was able to dictate it while I was busy and I am not going to forget it. So I will know to develop that writing when it’s time”

“When I was a teen, when I was in college we didn’t have the Internet, we didn’t have anything so if you were going to get picked up in music, in art or in writing you had to be seen by somebody, by a scout. Now that playing field is equalized so it’s possible for anybody to really build a great base and great following and do anything creative that they want to without that permission from the establishment. You just put yourself out there, you market it, you put it on your social media, and if it flies, it flies. So I would say to every single kid and I do say to every single kid when I speak on this you need to put it out there for real. You are the expert on YouTube, you are amazing on vine, you’ve got your space, now use it”