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Dr DreamThis weeks podcast with Dr. Dream is a rare treat. Dr. Dream is a holistic healing practitioner and international speaker. Among the many creative endeavors he does a regular radio show with Laura Eisenhower called Awake in the Dream Radio. There are three shows a week designed “with topics and guests that raise your frequency and expand your consciousness…” Most of the ideas are well beyond mainstream thinking however Dr. Dream has a way of grounding many of the ideas with practical insights anyone can use within their life no matter where they are in their journey.

There are a number of creative habit take-aways including the reminder that, “You’ll never know what’s possible for you unless you try it and give yourself the experience of it.” Creative habits or anything in life only work if you apply what you find and tweak until it works for you. A sweet reminder of this principle comes from a Brain Pickings post of the personal habits of famous writers where in the end, “the path to great literature is paved with one’s own eccentricities rather than someone else’s.” Any creative habit involves making it your own.

Enjoy the show! Below are highlights with resources, quotes, and some interpretation.

Cycles of Creative Energy

An interesting aspect of Dr. Dream’s take on creative habits is his ability to blend habits with cycles of creative energy. When you first hear someone say they work when they feel like it, you might dismiss this as being impractical. This might work if you have unlimited time but with set schedules involved, how could this work? The key for me when I heard this is recognizing the cultural bias towards forcing ideas out into the world. There is always an incubation period and paying attention to that can be critical to effectively bringing something creative to life. Dr. Dream takes judgement out of the process knowing there may be reasons for pausing beyond what may be immediately apparent.

Before I found photography and some other things that really spoke to my own creative process, I would have said I wasn’t a very creative person. Now I look at myself and I am like oh my gosh I am widely creative! Now I look at when those cycles are and how that creative energy presents itself. I am a lot more open and recognizing in how it shows up differently at different times.”

“I don’t force myself anymore in my life to do things when I don’t feel like doing it. Instead of saying oh you must feel like procrastinating right now or oh this must be a lazy moment or oh you are just so unmotivated I am like wow there must be some reason that I am not feeling drawn to doing this right now. So because of that I am not going to judge it, I am just going to set it over here on the back burner and see when it needs to get my emphasis again”

Take-Away: Look at your own creative cycles and see where more breathing room can offer more flexible incubation periods. Having multiple projects going is one way around the feeling of having to finish something at a particular time. You get a chance to switch gears on one project while you focus attention on another.

Music and Sounds

There are a number of people who use music to get into the creative groove. This has certainly been something Dr. Dream has used in the past however a certain lyrical switch triggered a change.

I got to a point in my life when I realized that the lyrics, I was taking on subconsciously whatever the lyrics were and I was like wow, do I really want to own all these lyrics that I am sort of mindlessly singing because I have listened to these songs so much and it was kind of like whoa actually no.”

Sound still holds a place in his creative process. For awhile it was just music with no sound (assume classical and the like) but more recently Dr. Dream looks to the works of Mark Romero. Sound has now become an energetic, offering an expansive element well beyond something just played in the background.

Mark Ramero has music that a Nasa researcher identified literally harmonizes and balances the energies of the environment that it’s played in…He is able to train people, to teach people how to energize their cell phones, their smart meters, their computers, their wifi, their modems, to not just lessen the effects of the electromagnetic frequencies but to create an energetic that actually feeds us what we need”

Take-Away: Try moving away from music with lyrics to see if there is an enhancement to certain creative processes. Check out Mark Romero’s website and try the sounds he offers.

Essential Oils

Dr. Dream uses essential oils as a way to access a particular part of self. For example when he wants to open his heart center he works with Rose Oil. Rose oil provides energy for certain creative work and for other types Dr. Dream uses other favorite oils like peppermint oil. Part of what seems to make this work is going through a feeling process as much as a thinking process.

Take-Away: Try using other elements like essential oils in your creative process. Look for things that involve as much feeling as thinking and see where that could take you. Check out Dr. Dream’s website on using the rose frequency.

On Synchronicity

Dr. Dream also has an interesting perspective on synchronicity and becoming fully aware of our attention and intention. Where we place our attention is often a process of where our current intentions are coming from. There is a lot to synchronicity and what our popular culture tends to accept is sometimes limiting.

I believe as we become more open, more conscious, more aware…we’ll understand that absolutely everything becomes a synchronicity because we create from the inside out. So whatever we are experiencing outside of us, is most certainly connected to an energetic we put in place inside of us…it becomes the focus of our attention and our focused intention. It’s not just waiting for the time to be right, there is another process that’s going on within me and that is thinking about it, that is creating a conscious dream about it”

“Everything is here for a reason, everything is of source, there is no real mistakes or accidents in this process…that there is devine perfection in all things”

Take-Away: Pay attention to synchronicity and how that interplay effects what ideas come into play during any creative process. What types of sounds, ideas, and people do you suddenly pay more attention to during certain projects? How can this process become more intentional such as with conscious dreams and other parts of your subconscious?

On Gratitude

Gratitude is an essential part of any creative habit. These moments of magic that come to us are moments to be thankful for. Gratitude comes to Dr. Dream within his morning routine.

I jump right out of bed and take my dog Jake for what I call a gratitude walk…that’s how I start my day is embracing this sense of being all about gratitude and then everything just sort of blossoms from there”

Take-Away: Think of new ways to incorporate gratitude into your creative or daily routine if you don’t already, it pays back in spades.

Other Interesting Quotes

It’s not about teaching people anything. I really don’t believe that I am teaching anyone anything when I speak to hundreds of people…I believe I am simply reminding people of what they already know, because we already know all of this”

“Don’t take anything I say as truth, I am not at all interested in any of you believing in what I am saying right now. I am interested in you being interested enough to see if it is reality in your life because the only thing we make truth is what we experience. We can read something and think that it is true, but when we really know that it’s truth it’s because we have experienced it on some level…I want people to go out there and see what they can do with their minds, what they can do with their energy field…You’ll never know what’s possible for you unless you try it and give yourself the experience of it”

More Resources Mentioned:

Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanser or “lemonade diet”

Stuart Wilde book called Miracles.