Perspectives on the need for establishing creative resiliency in ever changing times, how joining and/or studying alternative lifestyles like van life helps do that, and one critical tool for making it all work.

Attribution of quotes in order for which they appear. All quotes used under Fair Use (I do everything I can to ensure I am following Fair Use however if you feel otherwise please contact me first before making any claim. Thank you!):

Bob Wells (huge wealth of information) among other things talks about comfort versus freedom:

Hoosier Hiatus:

Tiny House Expedition part one of a 3 part series:

Gregg Braden on resiliency (Thriving in a Time of Extremes – Quantum University):

Just in case you are a Dave Ramsey fan, here is him answering the question to a couple, should I live in my RV. Note that it’s specific to this couple however it highlights leveraging the option rather than it being THE answer:

The Profit Engine Challenge: Rather than getting lost in email land, subscribe to the channel where I will have ongoing updates (some lives), free downloads and more. The challenge is about starting small, not getting lost in creating a fancy website or trying to make a ton of money. The challenge relies heavily on ongoing experimentation, exploration, and seeing people as people rather than just subscribers or customers (think along the lines of leveraging tiny lists rather than huge crowds).