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Everyone talks about funnels being the greatest thing ever but are they really? What's all the hype? 

Finally put it to rest by taking the 14 day funnel challenge

This isn't a funnel course, this is a challenge. You may or may not make it. There will be different resources and techniques to give you an advantage so that you can have a minimum viable funnel at the end but will you?

You put together your funnel in the first few days and then test with traffic and tweak until you get a result. The challenge? 

Make your funnel work for you in 14 days or less!
It's easy to get caught up in a new course or app that never gets used of finished. 

By activating special triggers you can move to automatically finishing the challenge rather than relying upon raw willpower alone.

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Secret Formulas, Free Funnels, and More!
  • Minimum Viable Funnel: The challenge isn't in creating a funnel, the challenge is in getting to a minimum viable funnel within 14 days! Can you take a brand new funnel and get it to work within 14 days? Join the challenge and see!
  •  Secret Formula: Of course there is! Most recommend serious audience, product, and competitive research and you should do this. However the challenge provides a secret formula so that you get some quick wins and keep your motivation going while you research.
  • Bonus Funnels: Get two free funnels to get you started! 
  • 40% Off First Month of ClickFunnels : Those who choose to use ClickFunnels (you don't have to, see the WP funnel below) and go beyond their 14 day ClickFunnels trial get 40% off their first month as a bonus! (you have to be verified as having signed up with ClickFunnels through this link here and the bonus 40% comes back to you in your second month.)
  •  Bonus WP Funnel: How to create a simple funnel with Wordpress and ActiveCampaign. This way you get a simple funnel with our without ClickFunnels! (Note: you will need to also use something like PayPal to create a minimum viable funnel).
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