Hans Hageman is currently a copywriter and teacher living in NY however there is a north star he follows which transcends his many careers. Going to his website you will find a message of hope that combines cooperation and community with a hint of pirate rebellion, “You are here because you don’t believe that a government or a large corporation has your best interests at heart. You believe there is still opportunity to build something. While you build, you will not ignore others who have the desire and work ethic but just need a hand up.” At the core of what Hans talks about is the question:

“Where is there an intersection between your passion, your talent, and what the community needs?”

Below is the full podcast episode along with some interesting quotes from the show.

On the Educational Scam

“Nothing in formal education prepares you for number one, going out on your own. It doesn’t prepare you to be creative, it doesn’t prepare you to work in cooperation with others, it doesn’t teach about community, it doesn’t teach the real meaning about failure. It doesn’t teach you how to take intelligent risks. Everything in our current education model has you play it safe but the problem is at the end of the day there are no guarantees and so to me it’s a scam”

“To often the lesson is teaching kids to be productive consumers as opposed to being somebody who is going to create or produce or do the hacking. It’s like, no we are not giving you this drone or this 3D printer just to consume, you need to produce. You need to figure out what’s on the other side of it and what wonderful, crazy failures you can come up with on the other side.”

Use of Modeling and the Like Minded

“Modeling is incredibly useful in any sphere professionally. I think it’s never too early, to teach young people to find somebody whose doing what you think you want to do. Understand that you are probably going to have six to twelve different careers, not just jobs but careers during your lifetime. Model the people who you really respect and are doing what you are doing”

“I was doing some work with some young men at the University of Iowa who are trying to create a clean water generator. They are not going to make a lot of money on it at all but they also understand the importance of what that would mean here and certainly overseas. They are putting their creative talents to work and right now we are just trying to find funding for it. Finding a like minded community, understanding again that it’s going to be ok to fail and understanding if you are going to be in government school with people of like minds in terms of competition being the best and only way to move ahead as opposed to cooperation and creating a spirit of creativity that you are going to get stuck. So you essentially need to look for people of like mind.”

Reaching Across Borders

“I joined the volunteer fire department. At fifty eight it’s not something I really planned on doing but it’s a way to connect with people who at least on the surface aren’t like me. Going through the training, I have reaffirmed the common things that make us all human. So, using the technology, then finding ways to reach across borders of culture and geography to learn about people we have termed the other”

Having a North Star

“If you are going to live a life with purpose, service and desire for freedom, you are going to have to pivot, to learn how to pivot and sometimes those pivots will be painful. Ultimately yes, you have to have your own north star in front of you for those times when it get’s really lonely”