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Mark Hochwender has been practicing psychotherapy and Naturopathy for 30+ years with particular focus on constraints of deep conditioning. Recently Mark has written a book called Hijacked by Fear which helps others understand and overcome fear coming from a series of experience filters built up over time. By releasing these filters most are able to overcome self imposed conditioning which they may or may not recognize as fear. In this podcast Mark gives us a window into some of what the book is about, why he has written it and what people can look forward to when they have been released. Below is the full podcast episode along with a few quotes from the show. If you can’t view the podcast player below try opening in incognito mode, a different browser or turning off some ad blocking features.

Mark speaks about what is available in our subconscious.

“We often have in ourselves all the understanding, all the information, all the new experience that we need, we have just put it somewhere else”

One self induced experience is instead of focusing on a limiting belief, take a look at what would be helpful to believe in the moment you are facing a problem.

“What is it that would be very helpful to believe right now? Either to believe about life or to believe about myself”

Mark sees some points in early childhood as shaping a lot of beliefs.

“In kids you see it so clearly that potential that’s there and then we see later on that gets shut down and limited. My hope is that we can all find ways to turn all of that potential back on and have it be simple, straight forward, practical, and real and not just well here is some inspiration, go and run with it”