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Happy New Year!

Now that 2017 is here there are a lot of people thinking of fresh perspectives, new goals and so on. I suggest in this podcast episode that instead you take a look at your own creative cycles instead both on a macro and micro level.

Also in this podcast episode is a look at changing up and making Creative Habits Podcast a little more interactive! One of my first tests in doing this is by getting questions from the audience. I am going to send out the upcoming guest schedule via email to those who are interested. That way if you see someone interesting and want to ask a question for that show, just come to this website and record it with the fly-out on the right. I am hoping this will be a fun way to get some questions from the audience. Note also that when you sign up I won’t be sending you anything but the schedule.

Here is the link to sign up.

Another thing mentioned in the podcast episode is the Facebook interest tool from Wilco called ConnectExplore. The tool saves a lot of time and money finding the right audiences to target on Facebook. If you are considering Facebook ads or are already using them to sell your handmade items, Amazon items, or training material this is worth checking out.

Remember any type of marketing is really just an ongoing conversation with a specific audience. You need to find those people and Facebook offers one of the best ways of doing that. Give it a try!