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This week’s episode covers content curation and the art of remixing. Of course we look a little at Everything is a Remix done by Kirby Furgeson with special consideration of his concept of Copy, Transform, and Combine.

Here is a huge list of content curation tools you can experiment using. Most of the time content curation works well with feeding your subconscious and coming up with ideas. At a very basic level you start with keywords like photography and you get this example with Listly. Then you just have fun from there! Ok really the world of content curation gets a lot more involved but you have to start somewhere right?

Probably the most popular of the lot is ScoopIt so if you don’t want to wade through a huge list just start there.

Decide you want to take it to the next level and curate out to an audience? Try Buffer, Hootsuite or other tools that allow you to publish to multiple social media platforms at once. Keep in mind though that most suggest having content align closely to each social platform. I.E., it’s best to tweak each message to fit for each social platform (Twitter’s different than Facebook and so on).

Once you get the bug it’s hard to go back! Content curation is fun, some consider it a job and go full bore but if you are doing it to combine ideas and art, you might just dip in and play. Check out Robin Good for more on being a master curator if that’s your interest.

Senstone: the wearable device that records and transcribes your voice, available on Kickstarter.

Watch Gregg Braden’s Missing Links episode on Quantum Links here. Usually you have to pay to view this but my membership with Gaia means I can share three items. So I am sharing this with you! For some of you this will be a reminder of what’s possible, for others you may find it too hard to believe. I hope you enjoy it either way! 🙂 I am looking through for something longer to share so keep an eye out for more in future podcast episodes.

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