The following are resources to either help with creative habits or actively getting to 1,000 true fans (see the Artist’s Challenge) and selling your art online. The page is actively updated each month with new content. There will be some affiliate offers so if you go through my link then it helps keep Creative Habits Podcast active at no extra cost to you! Such a deal. I only include items that I either use myself or have vetted. If you ever try something and have problems, let me know by leaving me a voicemail (found in a fly-out on the right side of any page). Otherwise, enjoy!

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One of the easiest ways to connect with your potential and current fans is through video. Since there are so many devices that use video it’s become a lot easier. Yet there is still editing and what if you don’t want to be in the video? I have used Screenflow, Camtasia, Adobe Premiere among others and they are all great. However there is one tool I go back to: EasyVSL. VSL stands for video sales letter however don’t let the name throw you off, it works well for quickly creating narrated video. I currently go from EasyVSL to Camtasia or Screenflow depending on if I am at home or not. Click here to view one of those results.

This was using more than just EasyVSL for transitions (I wanted the page flip) however I could have done everything with EasyVSL and basic fade transition. EasyVSL offers an easy way to create an about video or showcase your art with voice over. After syncing textual slides with the audio it’s easy to swap out images for the text resulting in a smooth narration with powerful images.

For more on how to work with EasyVSL click here (coming soon!). To check out EasyVSL from Mark Thompson click here

For doing Facebook or YouTube lives, screen recordings, podcast interviews via Skype, recording regular video then Ecamm Live is really good. The brothers that created this update it all the time most recently by making it so you can connect a Canon DSLR without needing more expensive equipment!


Taking images is one thing however creating engaging images for the web offers a whole other dimension. To create images effectively without the cost of using something like Photoshop use the following:

Pixlr: this free online image editor offers all the tools you need for basic editing and more. Use it to crop, resize, build a collage, extract images from their background and more. There is even an “express” version to apply quick fixes or plug photos into collage.

Website Hosting

Need to host your website and confused by all the choices? I recommend using Bluehost. They offer one-click WordPress installs and I find it easier to find what you need on their pages than a place like Hostgator or GoDaddy. Update – I no longer recommend Bluehost, they are ok however the most critical downside is speed. The Creative Habits Podcast site is slooooooooow and suffers greatly for it. I am due to go through and optimize images however that takes awhile. I am also getting rid of most plugins. Meanwhile I use Convertri or Kartra for certain pages. I am convinced that speed will continue being an issue for the less costly hosting options.

There are pros and cons to every setup not to mention the updates. When a host makes changes you might not like you want an easy way to switch. I have found it easier to purchase my domain from one provider and then host it with another. The extra step ensures if you run into issues with your host, you still have full control your domain. This means you can point your website to a different host in a matter of hours whereas transferring hosts can take up to 5 business days. Technically you can do this even when you host and purchase your domain from the same provider but I find it psychologically better knowing they are separate.

Sales Funnels, Landing Pages, Membership Sites

Kartra – As an online platform Kartra is great for not only helping to create sales funnels and landing pages but also integrate easy analytics that reach across the board to understand actions your visitors and customers take (from your membership site, email, video and more). You will learn a lot about creating effective follow-up campaigns and more while following their done-for-you campaigns included automatically. It’s like getting an education in marketing and tools in one!

ClickFunnels – As an online platform ClickFunnels works well however I enjoy more of their books on marketing like Expert Secrets or using tools like Funnel Scripts.

Convertri – This is really slick and fast however it will take you some time getting used to building out pages where you can place assets anywhere while at the same time creating a friendly mobile experience.

Creative Habits Cheat Sheet

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