Scott Markowitz has, “edited thousands of TV commercials, corporate videos, news pressers, explainer videos, and hundreds of TV episodes.” In this podcast episode Scott talks about:

  • How to get video lights on a budget
  • How to feel comfortable on camera
  • An easy trick for syncing external audio with video and more.
  • Get the gear guide he mentions here
  • If you’d like to learn more about the agency that Scott loves working for, go to
  • See below for more on how to be comfortable on camera


“Creativity is just the random connection in your head that you make between things that don’t normally go together.”

“The philosophy that I live by today is summarized by three simple words: live, edit, and grow.” [listen to the episode to get how Scott applies each to life and video]

“I don’t see how you could really gain new customers without some kind of video outreach in the future”





How to Be Comfortable on Camera

Here are a couple of the tips mentioned from the PDF Scott wrote, see below for a link to the full PDF.

Reversed Images of You

Most adults have looked at themselves in the mirror every single day for their entire adult lives. Their self perception is based on this experience. If you’re like most adults, then your self perception is a mirror opposite of what you really look like.

Something in your head is freaked out by seeing a recording of you because it’s a mirror opposite of what you’re expecting to see.

Bone Distorts Audio

Every time you speak, the bone in your head distorts the sound of your voice. It’s a function of how your vocal chords resonate through your skull, and how your tiny middle ear bones work. Most people sound completely different to themselves than what others hear.

The overwhelming majority of people get discouraged after doing a few videos because they hate how they look and sound. Then, they quit.

So, Here’s The Deal. I’ve just taken that away as an option. Now, you’ve been told why you don’t like what you see and hear. Be in the minority group of people that push through this awkwardness, and keep going.

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