Creative Habits Podcast picks up again with a new season looking at creative consciousness. Are there exercises, techniques, and ideas to help drive our ability to pick up on ideas from the subconscious and/or from the collective consciousness?

Many artists speak of ideas coming from elsewhere and as an artist they feel like the conduit for what they create rather than the creator. In other words, there are getting and using ideas from somewhere outside of themselves. Or at least that’s the way some speak of the creative process.

What if then there is a collective creative consciousness?

What if we looked at creativity from the standpoint of being a receiver of that energy rather than the creator. When we say yes to creative ideas and use them, birth them into the world, we get more of the same and the ideas feed on each other.

On the other hand when we have those ideas and ignore or discard them, what if they are given to others instead? What if each time you think of a great book, painting, or song, this is your invitation that if you don’t take it someone else will?

Are there ways to better tap into the greater creative consciousness? To make our minds better receivers and then also have better follow through or trust in those ideas?

That’s what we will be exploring in this new season that starts now and ends approximately May 2018. We are going to be exploring what the creative consciousness seems to be, techniques like using meditation or lucid dreaming for enhancing our receptivity, and what it means to be creative beyond the logical mind.

Practicing art is engaging that part of our mind the busy world outside has little respect for unless of course you have “made it big” otherwise you are just wasting your time.

Yet the artistic journey is one that lends balance to the ongoing need for society to produce and cut out the woo woo, the daydreaming, and the playing around without any thought of productive reward.

Modern society and it’s productive drive is good in many ways however there is currently an imbalance which has created a total lack of respect for the other parts of ourselves.

To be healthy in mind, body, and spirit I think we need to allow that artistic part of ourselves to come through without judgement. We need that exploration to heal from the many wounds affecting out planet today.

Every person who explores their artistic side is helping to offset the ongoing drive to destroy our planet through actions like filling it full of plastic worthless junk and polluting it on a such a mindless level as to be malevolent in the outcome.

No matter your journey right now, when you carve out even 15-30 minutes in a day free of judgement from all else and just explore within whatever medium you enjoy and create with exploratory fascination, you will be healthier.

Artistic practices have been known to heal in many ways not only on a personal but also a collective level.

Join the CHP podcast each week on an idealistic journey to save the planet through art.

Explore artistic expression by tapping into the collective creative consciousness and allowing yourself the freedom to just be in what you create.

There is no making it big, the creative process brings forth personal and collective epiphanies worthy of your time regardless of external rewards.