This is the first video in a short series looking at creating short action sequences using the Canon M50…

This one starts with one of the top video creators of all time (Peter McKinnon) recommending motion in videos. This is of course always the case with products because well they don’t naturally move :-)…

Yet instead of heading out to buy a slider here is a cool trick to master that is seriously low-tech yet with practice will give you some smooth product shots without having to use a slider…

Great for any Creative Entrepreneur who wants to do some short video clips of their items without breaking the bank. How to use the short video you create using this technique: part of a longer video, use in a short sting highlighting a product, export as a GIF to use within social media…  

Very short clip from Peter McKinnon used with Fair Use in mind:

Here is where to sign up for the 5 day series:…

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