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In a nutshell Creative Habits Podcast is an ongoing effort to understand how to practically apply creative habits.

Creativity is often seen as fresh, new, and innovative while habits are often seen as automatic and routine. Combining the two then requires an ongoing balance between using automatic systems while being flexible enough to incorporate new innovation.

Creative habits are the routines allowing you to create on an ongoing basis without tapping into the limited battery of willpower available on a daily basis.

In other words, habits allow a person to get much further than by using willpower alone.

If you want to write a book for example you are going to need automatic systems for writing on a regular basis or risk being burned out by the process of forcing yourself to write even when you don’t want to.

Creative Habits Podcast has interviews with artists from around the globe exploring their own creative habits. These interviews provide a source of ongoing inspiration however since creative habits are by their very nature idiosyncratic, listening to interviews with other artists will only get you so far.

Although you might be able to mimic some creative habits such as getting up and writing at 4 AM, in the end you have to develop your own. This development is an ongoing process of discovery. There are tools and techniques that help make the process of discovery easier.

That’s what Creative Habits Podcast is mostly about, exploring those tools and ideas for creating content on a regular basis with particular focus upon videos, images and storytelling.

The ideal is that in some very, very, very, very (you get the idea) small way this helps balance the world from business as usual towards creative expression.

Creativity always takes a back seat to commerce, profit, and the “practical” elements of living. Art is one of the first things cut in school for example in favor for more practical things like math and science.

Yet to be a whole human requires a balance. It’s through creative expression that we can begin to balance and heal on both an individual and collective level. Very idealistic sure however there are forms of art used to treat disease.

Free writing is one such tool used to not only get ideas but help to heal from the past whatever that might be. In fact understanding your own hero’s journey on a macro and micro level provides a window into your own cycles. It’s through understanding those cycles that we can anticipate and help get through simple things like writer’s block to the more complicated such as with relationships.

Creativity is often locked away in some stuffy display. That is creativity with a capital C. Then there is the messy world of using expression as a way to understand and be in this world. That is creativity with a lower case or little c.

This site is all about the little c. As the creator of the site, I am not here saying this is the way, I am here saying hey check this out. Explore these ideas and see what it can do for you. No matter how you approach creativity, make it a part of your life as it has the power to heal and maybe even save us from destruction.

Beyond the ideal though there is a mix of commerce. You have an obligation to connect what you create to an audience of dedicated fans. Not only that you need to live in the world and that requires the exchange of coin.

This site does have affiliate connections that help keep things going. By purchasing you help yourself with the tools and also the site without any extra cost to you if you purchased through a non-affiliated link.