This weeks podcast episode has to do with storytelling as the foundation to connect you and what you create to an audience. This is a natural progression of the creative process, connecting what you have with others! There are a couple of Kickstarter examples used to showcase how some are compelling others to fund their project. There is something tangible that happens when you delve into your story and figure out why you crafted something. Sharing that brings people into that story and then when the purchase they become interwoven into it. Below are links to various mentions in the show alongside a couple of books you might find interesting to help you craft your own story. Enjoy!

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Books to Help Craft Your Story

The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell This book lays the foundation for your story via the Hero’s Journey (check out this page for a short cut). This structure is used for most blockbuster movies. Going through the journey from a macro perspective of your life will help draw out the main parts of your story. The micro perspective of your life through the same process helps to draw out the details. Then it’s just a matter of continued refinement to connect it with others.

Dotcomsecrets This book also relies upon the Hero’s Journey however it comes at it from the perspective of an attractive character and much more. It obviously has a marketing angle which will help you sell your crafts, coaching, etc. It’s free, you just pay for shipping. Even if you aren’t inclined to marketing try to see past that hype and look at it from a story telling angle. You will get a lot out of it even if you have an artistic mind that won’t let you get past the first page. See through to the tools and understand the journey from your own perspective as well as your audience will benefit whatever you do next.

Obviously there are so many good books on storytelling it’s embarrassing not to include them here. If you look though you will see the Hero’s Journey in just about any story, it really is foundational. Plus, it’s too easy to get overwhelmed by all the great books out there and leave little time for action. Instead, take the books above actually apply the understanding. They aren’t just to be read, they are to be used. 🙂

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Here is an interesting video I found. It’s actually a light commercial but you won’t see the mention until the end. What’s interesting is the difference in how the person viewed themselves and how other people viewed them. It’s an important part of creating your story so I am including it here: