Tim Weedon talks about connecting to youth and music through the Modern Soul Academy a program he started and ran for almost 10 years. Now in DC he continues his work helping youth not only connect to music but also technology. More show notes coming soon.

Starting with the Source

“I think everything starts with a source. Whatever it is you are dealing with from a creative perspective, everything starts from a source. You have a source, you have an idea, you have a feeling, you have a thought and it’s just finding a way on how to express that. A lot of times people get caught up on the idea of I can’t express it, what others would think about if I express it, will it be too weird to express it. do I really want to express it? All those kind of emotional things are a part of the source and may stop and hinder people from being creative or communicating what they want to say”

Disrupting the Usual Process

“As far as artists are concerned I am looking at an artist for example Chance the Rapper who is pretty much totally disrupted the whole music industry especially from a digital, technology platform it’s just amazing what he has done in putting out his record and kinda really making people think again like what is the process of income and how do we look at revenues perspective and what is that? Is it really about the music or is it about how much money I can make off the consumer or information I can give the consumer. So he really has that balance and I really believe in these social entrepreneur¬†focus or companies because you have to have that balance because you can’t always be investment driven based off the revenue you have to serve the people. Who are your users? Who are the people out there purchasing that music, you want to be genuine with them, you want to allow them to be a part of the process that you create”

A Hand Up Through Technology

“I have seen incidents where young people I have worked with not only with me but other tech teachers have wind up building an app for the DC government and giving it to DC government and they like the app so much they asked the kids to come back and create another one and now the kids are getting paid to do that.”