When you have tools like Kartra, ClickFunnels, Convertri, or LeadPages then why would you still use WordPress?

The short answer is that despite all the ease of those popular platforms, they are still owned by someone else.

Sure it’s your content however you have a lot less control over it than you would with a self-hosted WordPress website. Before going into more though let’s look at it from another angle…digital share cropping. Here is what Copyblogger has to say…

“The term sharecropping refers to the farming practices common after the U.S. Civil War, but it’s essentially the same thing as feudalism. A big landholder allows individual farmers to work their land and takes most of the profits generated from the crops….anyone can create content on sites like Facebook, but that content effectively belongs to Facebook. The more content we create for free, the more valuable Facebook becomes. We do the work, they reap the profit.”

Watch the video for more on why to use WordPress even if you already use Kartra, ClickFunnels, or Convertri…especially if you are concerned about ranking and WordPress SEO…ideas backed up by Yoast SEO, Hubspot, Portent, and more.